muk. Blonde Muk Blonde Toning 1 Minute Treatment

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Blonde Muk is our blonde toning shampoo and treatment. The reason it's not a standard conditioner is because 99% of blondes have a degree of chemical damage so we created a treatment for that.

This range is not as typical. Many other blonde shampoos tend to be purple. Ours has a blue violet molecule added to it to combat warm color oxidation in blondes. It will turn a yellow-brassy-warm blonde into a beautiful and clean blonde. It was another finalist in one of the best new products for the year.

This leaves the hair beautiful and soft, it actually mimics the Deep line exactly with the exception of a blue violet molecule added to it. You will not get a horrible gray matte finish with this blonde toning shampoo and conditioner or that funky looking purple finish.

To use: Shampoo the hair once, rinse it out shampoo the hair second time if you have really, really, brassy, brassy blonde hair. It will completely counteract any brassiness. You can leave the conditioner in for 3-4-5 minutes if you wish.

Note this is for cool blondes and is not meant to be used as a toner post highlights or color. This is meant as a maintenance shampoo and conditioner. For warm blondes refer to Vivid MUK.

  • Same formula as Deep Muk treatment with addition of blue violet pigment to get mild toning.
  • Level 8 and above are best users for this product.

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muk. Blonde Muk Blonde Toning 1 Minute Treatment
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