DAILY CONCEPTS Daily Facial Micro Scrubber

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The dual-texture luxurious Daily Facial Micro Scrubber is excellent for a light daily facial scrub to unclog pores, even for the most sensitive skin, or as a delicate make-up remover depending on what side you choose. Finger pocket allows for control and precision while the soy-based core and the organic cotton external layer elevate the effectiveness of your facial soap or cleanser. Texture: Mild Fabric: Organic Cotton, Polyamide, Polyester Filling: Polyurethane

Dampen your face and the Daily Facial Micro Scrubber and apply your favorite cleanser. Use the exfoliating side first and then finish with the softer side for a thorough cleansing experience.  Rinse your scrubber well and squeeze excess water before replacing it in its reusable packaging, which is complete with a suction cup that allows it to hang and holes in the bottom so the scrubber may drain.

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