The BrowGal Second Chance - Brow Enhancement Serum

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Second Chance Enhancement Serum

Prior to bedtime and with a clean face, apply Second Chance to a clean and dry eyebrow area.

• Shake the tube gently.

• Keep the tube standing up on an even surface so as to not spill out any of the serum.

• Remove the eyebrow applicator wand from the tube.

• Gently push the button on the end of the applicator wand one to three times for minimum to maximum vibration/stimulation.

• Moving from the outside of the brow to the inside of the brow, apply gently to one eyebrow at a time, massaging the product into the eyebrows with a back and fourth motion working the product against the direction of hair growth. Perform this step for approximately 5 seconds per eyebrow. 

• Please note that the skin may appear pink following use. This is only due to the stimulation from the brush creating blood circulating to the area and is completely normal.

• Repeat this process on other eyebrow before reinserting the brush into tube for additional serum.

• When applied correctly, the eyebrows should be damp, not dry or too wet with product.

• Rinse the brush with water and dry before placing back into the tube. This will avoid contamination of the product.

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The BrowGal Second Chance - Brow Enhancement Serum
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